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01-26-2012, 07:52 PM
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Interesting take John Buccigross had on Carter when ranking his top 100 current players in the NHL:

Jeff Carter: Columbus overpaid for him. I see him as a sniping winger, not a center. He scored a lot in Philly because he shot a lot. His shots are way down this season. Incredible release and good size. Poor playoff numbers and casual play are turnoffs for me. There is so much promise here.
He's right, having seen just about every game Carter played, that lazy gene in him is the reason he was one of the most unpopular Flyers ever. Is he a bargain, (5.27 cap hit (11 year/58 mill 11/2010) yes...but he's a risk.
Postives- Great faceoff guy, best on the Flyers by far. Very strong defensive player. Great sniper and deadly when he's on his game, he can dominate.

Problem is, he's lazy, takes shifts and games off, sometimes for lenghty periods of time. I could care less that he never spoke to the media...or what he did on his own time. When he's on the Flyers clock, he should have performed better. Where you see in the stats 35 goals, I see 45 -50 ...hhis nickname on some of the Flyers b,logs was Carter 'high and wide'. If I had a dollar for every time Jim jackson the announcer said that...
he's also injury prone.
Poor Playoff performer and not reliable under pressure. (Gagne is actually the opposite of that, thrives there and gets timely goals) Biggest moment of his career, game 6 Finals agsint Hawks, 1 min. left in regulation score tied, Richard fed him a wicked perfect pass and he had the whole net, he shot right into Niemi's Hawks insignia...Had the Flyers won that game and gone to 7, I believe they would have won.

It could be that being traded (even tho he acted like a five year old and threw a tantrum) did wake him and shock him. Maybe he got too complacent...maybe a tiger can changes it's stripes.

At 26 he's got the best years of his career ahead and (I read this today) ove r the last 5 years in the top 5 for goal scorers. Potential is there..if only he had a consisten work ethic.
With his talent, he's a bargain at that price...but if the Kings were interested, not sure they have what the Blue Jackets want. They gave up a lot to get him and would most likely want someting of equal value to replace.

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