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01-26-2012, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
A goal highlight package isn't going to show you too many set up plays. If you mean goals scored by plays he creates, I disagree. There are a number of examples of goals he scored which were a result of his own rush.

And as for him playing assertively, I also see a good number of goals he scored from last year by taking the puck to the net himself or going to the dirty areas in front. Or did you mean something else by playing assertively?
Yeah, last year. He did that a few times last year. And then, for some reason, he stopped doing it. Halfway through this season, he's rarely gone anywhere near the opponents net. It's been all soft wrist shots from way outside at bad angles.

Assertive would be, for starters, actually hitting guys. When Paajarvi throws a body check, it's so soft it actually makes the sound "BOOP!". He starts slowing down 10ft before he gets to the target. Are you familiar with the term "closing speed"? Paajarvi has the worst closing speed of any player >5'11 that I've ever seen. He seems genuinely scared of real contact and he seems to be trying to just float by, which isn't going to cut it with someone of his limited skill set. He's a poor man's Cogliano right now, without the break aways.

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