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Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
but it could happen in olympics that Koivu is left out of the PP
It does not, at least as long as there are six forwards whose preference can be argued. No self-respecting sports journalist will catch on it then and the general public won't pay attention. Sure, there might be griping on message boards like in here or Jatkoaika, but at least thus far whatever the fandom goes on about has been a fart in the wind for the team and its management.

Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
I forgot to add M. Mäenpää for my defenders list and Nummelin. Wonder if Jalonen will pick Nummelin? My guess is he'll pick Nummelin for next EHT and if he does well there he is probably a 100% guaranteed pick for Jalonen, but we have a lot of good offensive defenders so dunno.
Nummelin's having a quite a decent season in Switzerland, he's a PPG player thus far, which is always a good notion for a defenseman of his profile. I'm not against the inclusion of some of these old warhorses as long as it can be justified and the team isn't overloaded with similar players (such as small, offensive-minded defensemen).

Jalonen isn't stupid, and I'm quite certain he's noticed by now that making all the "safe" picks don't equal winning picks. Of course, there's always the risk that some of those old sauna buddies might be pushed in due to executive meddling, but last year's result should cut this down too at least a bit.

Also, Mäenpää is definitely a candidate with what he's been doing, no question there.

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