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01-27-2012, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
we talk about getting gritty guys. In your face guys. Players that will get under the opposition's skin.

PK gets "selfish" penalties for actually playing good defensive hockey and being less forgiving than some of the others (and that's fine). Where Emelin is good at straight up hammering guys, PK uses his body and stick to play against the best players in the league. If he gives them some shoving and a tough time, whatever, I have no problem with that.

All of a sudden it's as if he just keeps retaliating. There are soooo many times that they other players have gotten off their game cuz of his play and he just skates away and doesn't engage. Never get noticed/other teams get pissed cuz he won't engage them (and...get a penalty).

This really overblown penalty in the Det game was just that. Then everyone seems to recall every penalty that he's taken as a bad one.

I hope we don't get any gritty players who don't give up cuz guess what -- they DO get penalties. The calls in the NHL are so incredibly chintzy for stick and trip calls, not to mention the subjectivity of "holding/hooking". Pronger gets all the love for being a guy who's PIMs are sky high, but PK is selfish.

I am ok with the coaching, and I'm sure RC and Cole and Pleks see something that needs to be corrected, but as fans, I just don't see how his play has been underrated so much and how he's thought of as so selfish just cuz it's the flavour of the day. PG should calm the storm (as if) and just say PK is being taught. It has, in the past done him some good.

Remember the little push Emelin gave (I think it was) Helm? It wasn't much and a little dangerous, but it was far more selfish than PK getting tangled with Cleary who BTW fully put his glove around PK's face. Why don't we make a big deal out of it? Cuz RDS hasn't made a big deal out of it. Cuz it's not the talk of the town.

I guess I'm saying that whatever problems PK is having, they are quite internal to the team and perhaps they're there, but I just don't see him being selfish IN GAME. Haters gonna hate. PK Subban edition. I hope Price has some advice for him.
Problem is, I'm sure many of them already have talked to PK. And he just isn't listening. This isn't something new that popped up. This was brought up last year when Gill was mentoring him. It's possible that PK just isn't listening and he is letting his EGO go. Which I would assume is the problem here. Cole and Gorges have the right to say what they want about him. Both those guys go out there and hustle every game.

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