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01-27-2012, 01:08 AM
Rebuild, year 4...
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
Maybe the other players on his line should learn to adjust to him in the offensive zone rather than the other way around.
Nope. He should play the way the coaches tell everyone to play. Their way is better.

Because he sure as heck can make plays that 2/3rds of our dumbo forwards like the Horcoffs, Eagers, Belangers, even Gagners etc. could use to get some easier goals (or goals period) as a result.
He has a small bag of tricks, but his bag of tricks is not good enough for the NHL. Here's some food for thought for you: Shawn Horcoff is an offensively superior player, and that's a statistically verifiable fact based on last year and this year. And outside of offence, Omark doesn't have ANY of the complimentary skills Horcoff has.

Gagner is a vastly superior player to Omark, offensively or otherwise. Eager does other things that Omark doesn't, and if you have to stoop down to Eager to find a positive comparison for Omark then you're defeating your own argument. And Belanger, while a huge disappointment, wasn't brought here for a top 6 role. Omark doesn't posess any of the skills for a bottom 6 role, so you might as well start comparing him to Khabi because it's equally as silly.

Yes he is an unusual type of player, but I'll take that over the stone hand garbage we have populating our 2-4 lines right now. At least with him and MPS they obviously worked out some kind of plan so that Omark would know where MPS would be and was talented enough to make the pass to get the puck there to him. Hemsky is the only other forward we have outside of the three kids that can do that and he's zoned out a long time ago.
4 times. With all the ice time they got together last year, Omark found Paajarvi 4 times, and turned over the puck an uncountable number of times outside that. Scoring 4 goals trying the same mess over and over doesn't establish anything, and it sure as hell doesn't build you a future in the NHL.

Omark has some good things going but he still needs work. There's absolutely no debating that. Defence aside, he needs to add a cycle game to that puck possession game he has, and be able to flip between the two as appropriate. Once he's built a good North American game there, he'll get his shot no doubt... there's plenty of room on this team and there will be again next year because if there's one thing we can bet on, it's deep injury issues.

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