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01-04-2006, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Panasonic Youth
Way I look at it right now, we have two top four defenseman. Thereien's still getting nearly fifteen minutes a night, Johnsson is playing poorly, and Rathje makes the occasional Therien-esque blind pass. As a whole the defense has underperformed and it's nearly cost us games night in and night out. I don't understand the problem with filling the immediate need.

But hey maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this team should go out and run up the cap with old worn out snipers, eventually kicking out the rookies that helped get us at 25-8-6 despite the most ****ed up schedule in the league.


BTW Mogilny's on waivers, time to get a hard on for the injury prone forward that even the Maple Leafs had enough sense to walk away from.
It is easy to say when your number 1 and 3 are out. Why even count Therian he is there because Pitkanen and Rico are out? FLyers will get Pitkanen in 1 in a hald 2 weeks.

This is really hysterical... You complain about Rathje making a blind pass once in a while? Players do make mistakes you know, even Forsberg. We have 5 good defenseman plus Meyer who plays better then Dennis or Therian so we can roll with him.
Your view on Johnsson. He is not playing poorly, he is playing below your expectations but even if we try to compare Johnsson to lets say everyones favorite Scott Niedermayer 26 points including 5 goals +6 playing 25 minutes per game while Johnsson 21 points including 3 goals +10 playing 23.5 minutes per game. I am not comparing players but for 2 million dollars Flyers have pretty damn good player. So what is the problem?

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