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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
i went to a game earlier this month against Bridgeport. He was easily the worst player on the ice. turning the puck over, not playing the body, constantly out of postion. poor body language. He acted like he didnt want to be out there. he was barely moving his feet while he was out there. I have been to 4 games this year and in all of em hes barely looked like a AHL defenseman let alone a NHL one. Is he a bust? he sure looks like hes headed down that road.
Yes hes a AHL allstar. But as anyone who follows the AHL game knows the AHL AS game is more political with who goes to the game.
last year he did look better, but last year he also had Voynov as his defensive partner.
I find the last bit hard to believe. Voynov was on the top pairing last year and Hickey wasn't.

Hickey’s appointment to the all-star game, which comes from the coaches and players around the league, speaks to the level of respect the opposition has for him. It’s easy to spot a defenseman putting up big numbers offensively, and something else to recognize a skilled player in his own end of the ice.

“He’s learned to distribute the puck and support the play,” said Monarchs head coach Mark Morris. “And when he’s playing that way he’s very effective at helping us generate offense and is also more reliable defensively.”

DL knew Hickey wasn't as good as Alzner at the time and said he was a 3 or 4 year project but felt his ceiling was too high to pass up.

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