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Originally Posted by stratedge View Post
linus omark	5	0	0	0	-2	2	0	0	0	7	0.0
He's not a good player yet. He does not get to waltz into the NHL and do whatever he wants while everyone including his teammates and coaches sit there. Why you and others think he deserves this dumbfounds me. Schremp came and went, let's move past the "I saw something cool on youtube and I want to see it again no matter what the cost to the team" stuff.
He's the only one outside of our three top kids that can actually make a play or cares about making one at this point (ahem, Hemsky).

The rest of our forwards from line 2-4 ... a lot of offensive dummies sans Smyth and Jones.

Couldn't generate offence if their lives depended on it. At least two of them should latch onto Omark like MPS did and say "OK ... tell us where you want us to go in the o-zone".

When you look at Horcoff, Belanger, Gagner (when he's in one of his "funks"), MPS, etc. the offensive ineptitude is almost mind boggling. Like you'd almost think at some point a puck would ricochet off their ***** so they'd actually get a goal.

I think this (not the defense) will actually be the biggest problem for the Oilers in the long term. The abject and almost hilarious lack of creativity and offense from the 2nd-4th lines. Because once Hemsky is gone and Smyth is going to inevitably decline ... it is going to get uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly. Teams are going to gang up on the RNH line and just take a vacation with everyone else. Unless we get like Grigorenko or something.

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