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I wouldn't read too much into that specific game. Every years there are many preseason games between Magnus league and NLB teams, and most are close. I think it's fair to say that France's top league is roughly the same level as the NLB.

About Red Ice, their team is mostly made of former NLB players and guys who couldn't cut it in Lausanne. Enough to dominate the 1st league and maybe get promoted, but they would face many issues in the NLB.

First, let's not forget that Martigny played twice in the NLB in recent memories and both time they were relagated due to financial difficulties. Sierre and Visp both have a longer tradition and a bigger fan base and on the other side you have Lausanne not too far away (I can't see people from the Montreux area support Red Ice above Lausanne). Then you have the arena issue. Martigny's would be the crappiest in the NLB, which is saying something when you look at the barns where Ajoie, Olten, Sierre.... play.

Then you have to find NLB caliber players. Given that Red Ice's development program would not provide such players (most of their teams play in the A category), the whole team would have to be bought. When you look at the issues raised above, it's obvious that such a team wouldn't be sustainable and would have to be supported by private investments only.

In short, a high level team in Martigny would have to be a one man project, and would live and die with that man.

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