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Originally Posted by Thrice
Jeff Carter is not the answer. Zero character. Look at how he's sulked since being traded. Where's his competitive fire? That's not the guy you hitch your wagon to for the next 10 years.


Sorry but this is crap. Character? He improved his defensive play considerably since his rookie year. He improved his fitness as well, not to mention his face offs. The year he signed his first big contract he went from 53 to 84 points. The fact is he signed a long, cap friendly contract to stay in Philly and had the rug pulled out from under him. So instead of being on a contender in the city he loves and who he gave a discount to, he's stuck with the Blue Jackets for 11 years.

Agree on the 'character' stuff. Living in Philly gives you a whole new appreciation for the yellow pages scripted by some reporters. I saw what it did to Richards, who they
've harrassed for the last 3 years and often on stuff that wasn't true. Then you have to play and have the guys from other teams harping at you on it...Richards is so much better off in LA. He's thriving here.
Carter had a horrible rumor started by a blogger that the spineless media printed. Not only wasn't it true (The blogger admitted he didn't like Carter ) but it haunts Carter and is reprinted, reposted and repeated to this day. To his credit, he's handled it well by ignoring the whole thing.
It's like the Dry Island crap. Thta gossip reporter for the Daily news waited until the MOnday Richadrs left Canada to head to LA for his press conf. in July and then printed that crap. Richards handled it well, it was a non issue. Briere cleared that up in Julyu also when asked ,stating Lavvy wanted to lose weight, came din one day and said that and that he wa s'giving up booze' and put his name on the board and invited anyone to join him. Briere said about half hte guys signed up and they laughed about it.
You have to haved lived here to see how they crucified Richards after the Boston series last spring it was horrible.
The Kings fans have seen Richards for six mos now and heard the commments and praise from his teammates. He's alway been a leader and high character guy and hopefully now that he's in a healthier environment, that stuff die out.

Last year he was forced to play RW because the Flyers had so many centres. He missed 8 games but still put up 61 points which is pretty good considering he's only played centre before. He also played most of the defense on that line because Giroux and whoever they had on LW pretty much sucked defensively. He didn't kill penalties in Philly since Richards/Giroux and Powe/Betts were the primary units.
You can credit his defensive play to John Stevens. Carter and Richards went to the PHantoms in 2005 and helped get them the Calder Cup. Richards was already a defensive beast, but Stevens worked with Carter that year and the next one as head coach of the Flyers. He taught him to use his hieght and his reach to intimidate. So that's due to Stevens coaching.

I know a few people are complaining about Simmonds being gone and how much his production has improved in Philly but they're using him in front of the net on the PP, something I don't think he did in LA. The teams also play completely different styles, Philly's is all offense and LA's is all defense. I know you guys complain about the Kings not scoring more than 2 goals a game and it definitely needs to be addressed, but playoff games are generally lower scoring than regular season games. You have a great goalie in Quick and strong team defence. All you need is a bit more scoring

I love the Flyers, watch every game and root hard for them. But hte Kings are alot closer to Cup. Defense wins championsihops and the Kings have better goaltending and much better defense.
Once their offense picks up (and it will thru the rest of the year), they will be a team that will be able to go deep. And anyone who has seen Mike Richards healthy and uninjured in the playoffs knows what a stud he is, he elevates his game to a whole othe level, which will be a huge benefit for the Kings
The Flyers are giving up over 3 goals a game and struggle agasint contenders. In order to go deep in the EC they would have to go thru the Rangers or Bruins who would beat them. Even Pittsburgh could do that ina 7 games series. They do not have (other than Sean courtier) a solid defensive shut down center . He's phenomonal, in 4 years with growth and about 20 pounds ,he'll be 6'4 force, IMO he'll become the Flyers best player, he's that good already at 19.
They have a great gropu of good youthful players, but are short or experienced ones. That right now will hurt htem, but the future is bright for them.

I think if DL is thinking on Carter, it's a risk, given his lack of motivation at lapses on the ice. But that was with the Flyers and at 26 with his skill , you have to maybe taie that risk and hope that the trade did make him look at himself
At his cap hit, he's a bargain.

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