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Originally Posted by predwings View Post
This is 100% accurate. JP Dumont when he was here used to come into my place of business every weekend. The only time I ever saw him get hassled was when their was a Red Wings fan in town sitting at a different table from him. The Red Wings fan noticed him and started heckling "Nashville Sucks" "Preds Suck" and JP laughed and turned around and looked at the guy (JP was at the Bar) he said, "Well buddy, if we suck so bad, why the hell did we beat your team 8-0?" Then he just turned around and went back to eating. The Red Wings fan shut-up and everyone was laughing at him. We don't pester people like they do in LA or New York, paparazzi are much fewer an far between here because when they call the neighbors up of the players or stars the neighbors have the common decency to say, "That's none of my business or yours". We stick together in Tennessee, and that's how we like it. Also, thanks for the comment, was great reading that.
I wouldn't say 100% accurate for all sports celebrities. I've watched Eddie George and Jeff Fisher get inundated with fans wanting a picture or autograph in the arena, and people were pestering Jay Cutler and his fiancee' at the game a little while back. Eddie had to get up and leave the lower bowl because of it. Kind of funny, but he came in and sat down by Zach Pillars to watch the game, and not a soul had come up to Zach for anything until Eddie showed up, and even then I think everyone ignored poor ol' Zachy.

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