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01-27-2012, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
KEEP IN MIND ONE THING THOUGH, Andlauer is in essence leasing the Bulldogs franchise from MTL, ED, remember when the Oilers pulled out, everything went with them, including the franchise..... If the Canadiens pull the franchise out of Hamilton, essentially what we know now as the Bulldogs the last decade, doesn't exist, bc Andlauer doesn't own a franchise nor is there one available as there was when the Canadiens arrive there.....
You once again, after years of having the difference explained to you, are confusing the FRANCHISE with the AFFILIATION. In the Oilers situation, the Oilers owned not only the AFFILIATION (the rights to the players) but also the FRANCHISE (the business entity that is "the team"). In this case, Andlauer (and his partners) own the FRANCHISE - they purchased (not leased) the Citadelles franchise. A franchise being leased is VERY rare.

If you have any supporting evidence and links to your claim that the Canadiens OWN the franchise, I would be very interested in you posting it. Otherwise, you've just once again confused people who are interested in the actual situation on the ground.

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