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Originally Posted by nyk16 View Post
I play beer league hockey and have 3 sons all of who play hockey. I tried profiling a while back and it just felt wierd and didn't work for me.

A word of advise for profiling for kids: keep in mind that skates usually come new out of the box "unprofiled". So if you decide to go down the profile road, your son/daughter will soon become used to profiling and you will then have to change the blade on every new pair of skates you buy. That's ok for one child but if you have more than one and want to hand the skates down, it will become unusable for the next user.
Not sure what you mean by 'unprofiled'. Every skate blade has a profile, it's just a question of what it is and whether it is best for how that person skates and the position they play. Skates with too long a radius are no fun to learn on. And it takes 10 minutes and $15 to change the radius on a new blade; small price to pay to improve new skates. My Grafs come with an '11 radius new and there is no way I could play on that. They turn like a supertanker with that radius.

And you do know that you can just replace the blade when you hand the skates down, right?

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