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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Agreed. I live in the west island but have been to Laval a million times. The Laval hate in this thread is absolutely laughable. I bet you most of the Laval bashers have been there once in their life if that.

First of all Laval when it comes to food > Montreal, all their restaurants are better than the Montreal equivalent. Second of all Laval is one of if not the fastest growing city in Canada, there's a reason for that. Thirdly Laval isn't a bad place, it may have some bad areas just like you guessed it... anywhere.

So many misinformed people hating on a place they've likely never even been to. Keep living in your little bubble I guess. Laval is a good city. But hey, there are people on here that refer to the west island as the "waste island" though they've been there once in their life, so it's no surprise to me a bunch of people are now hating on Laval.

The bulldogs moving to Laval is only beneficial to our club, and yet people find dumb reasons to nitpick like having some kind of bias against the city. How about going to Laval a couple times before you bash the city. It has good and bad like any other city.
I bash Laval regularly ... and grew up there.
There goes that theory

I agree though, that for food options, Laval is better than west island, south shore etc...

I find the west island to be a bit more visually appealing and I find the middle class areas of WI look way more planned-out, up to date and far less tacky; though there are some sexy properties in Laval too at the high end.

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