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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
What does "playing in your backyard" have to do with anything? If you limit yourself with drafting guys that are close to you, you won't be a very good head scout.

You're out of your mind if you think Fischer didn't "play against anybody with talent" Minnesota high school is a high level of competition. I think Bjugstad and Nelson were playing there and both were 2010 1st rounders, both look like very good prospects. Fischer's development had nothing to do with that, he also played in the very strong WCHA which has developped a ton of NHL talent.

There is no exact formula for always drafting the best player, if there was scouts would never draft busts...and the best scouts draft non NHLers 65% of the time.
It is not solely about drafting guys in your own backyard. Yet, when you can specialize yourself in something, just be sure you are more right than wrong. See, looking at the Habs draft in the US, you'd have a tendancy to think that the US is OUR own backyard. Yet, I,m so-so as far as our results as far as American players aside from MaxPac and McDo. But when you believe in a system and place like they do as far as the US are concerned, we have to have better drafts than this. And you HAVE to be better at the free agent market though DiSimone should end up being a nice pick up. But you should be much better at finding a Read or even a Bozak than a Trotter, though Trotter could be on the verge of finding a NHL spot so we'll see.

When it comes to Q though, we are the ONLY team that does a Q combine aside from the other combine. I personnally think it's a marketing thing yet, they do it, so be it. So we should have an advantage over the others. We should have along with some other teams over teams who do not have even a part time scout in the Q. We should have the advantage over teams who just don't believe in that league and just don't draft from there.

And mainly, if you have to draft a boom or bust prospect, I'd pick a boom or bust local prospect. Some said that there is no way we'd knew Giroux would have been that good based on his size. I say that history shows that guys who has such improvements in the later years of their development, more often than not shows that they will become something great, see Giroux, see Perron.

As far as Minny hockey and all, true that there is some talent out there. Unfair to say that it's a really weak pool of talent. Yet, I hope people don't take the Mr. Hockey award as a proof of how great those talents are. Though lately, it looks better, but history shows that there are a lot of no-names out there compared to high profile players. Lately, we will see what Ness will be doing. Leddy will end up being a pretty good player so should Bjugstad be. And my favorite Kyle Rau, well we'll see how his size will play for or against him. Obviously, whenever you compare it to other leagues, chances are you will also find players who didn't make a career or were just pluggers at the NHL level. But chances are for the Q, you will find more high profile names that won the most valuable trophy or whatever you want to kind to compare it to the Mr. Hocke award (by the way, I know you were not talking about that, was just going a little further than the "Minnesota hockey" conversation.

As far as Giroux is concerne, well for me, I will always remember what Timmins told me first hand. He didn't like Giroux's foot speed. And for a player of his stature, it would hold him back at the NHL level......Said that Mathieu Carle ate Giroux alive in that department during the Q combine. What can I tell you....I didn't invent this.

Personnally, I think I like to concentrate more on the way of thinking instead of the "He should have gotten him" in complete hindsight. And to a certain extent, I believe that we could have the upper hand as far as the Q is concerned based on the advantages that we have and named before. Some will say that the Q isn't what it used to be. Of course. Yet, there are still some names out there. And you don't need to draft 12 Q. You might only need 1 to turn things around. And yet, who knows? I keep hearing that if you would have drafted Carter or Getzlaf, who knows how they would have develop here....well why can't it be the same for Q players who didn't develop properly elsewhere? Possible that those Q players WOULD have developed better in here for a change?

My personal opinion is that we can do better. Actually we have no choice but to do better. Of course, Timmins NEEDS picks so would be nice to have a management who keeps them. But with all everything that is going right now, draft is THE way to go. So let's hope for a more present draft team everywhere in the world. But let's hope that with the way they are using their money and trust for the US (with all those picks and scouts) and for the Q (with that extra combine and extra attention that people are giving to Q players), that they have a better average than what they have now. And not only draft Q guys but the right ones. Surely, they can't be always right. Yet, nobody expect them to be. But when the draft is the crucial part of how your team will indeed get better, well you just need to do better. And be more aware of where other teams might not be as present as you are.

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