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01-27-2012, 11:33 AM
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Just because they're playing in the NHL and are professionals doesn't mean they are perfect entities incapable of error. If these guys were making the 100% correct play every shift of every game, we would be 47-0-0 right now. Sure, they're better than the average Joe Shmo at the game, but vision of the game as a whole from an outsider's perspective is something different. We can see lanes pretty easily and extremely open areas of the ice easily. We have the ability to see behind a player, see the trailer streaking down the ice directly behind the puck carrier who may not have any idea that there's someone behind him he can just drop it to. Instead he tries to make a cross ice pass and it gets broken up. Did they make the right play? As spectators and fans (and just humans with opinions), we can say whatever we want.

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