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Originally Posted by Halifaxhab View Post
Timmins is the man, I would keep him without a doubt. Love the job he's done so far.

But in 2006, yes I would have. We can all play the hindsight is 20/20 game. But in 2006 our main need was a BIG talented centreman. Berglund was rated about equal to Giroux by many scouts. Had I been the one to have final say, I would have picked Berglund over Giroux with the thought that he would fit better for our needs.

Ah ok i thought you meant right now.

I usually prefer the drafting team to go with the best player available, because our needs can change real fast.

Giroux was such an intriguing player. Ignored by OHL team at 16 then dominating in the Q... I think if Philly, who have a very influencial Q scout, would not have taken the chance on him, he could have fallen quite a lot.

Scouting is not, even for a perfect scout, an exact science. Some players simply stop progressing physically at 17. Other keep growing up until 20. There is no sure ways to predict that.

What frustrate me about people here and in the medias, is that they wait 4-5 years after a draft to have an opinion. I was mad when the Habs drafted Jason Ward, because i felt that they should have gone with a more talented Euro.... I was kinda right... but the Euro i wanted was Michael Riesen, not Marian Hossa!!

I still say to people how mad i was when the Habs drafted Price. WHAT A STUPID PICK!! Brule was our chance to finally have a star forward!!! Most goalies start being good when they reach UFA anyway!!

When you remember your own opinions, you are much more tolerant toward others.

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