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01-27-2012, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan187 View Post
He basically said what a lot of us say. A goalie cannot be a consistently good goalie in a pure offensive system. Offensive system are great in the regular season but fall apart in the playoffs when it matters. He questioned Lavy's system which a lot of us do but he didn't throw him under the bus. Its good to get the views of another head coach.

If Lavy does indeed change him system just a little bit to actually try to play defense then we will see Bryz return to form consistently and be worth his contract.
Honestly, what a lot of you say (and consequently what he says) is wrong.

If this system was so inept defensively then Leighton wouldn't have put up great numbers under Laviolette and Bobrovsky would not be putting up consistently strong numbers again this season.

Bryzgalov has had a few strong games since the Winter Classic. I'll admit that he's getting better.

However, we saw with our own eyes how terrible he's been.

If it looks like a Leighton, is out of position like a Leighton, gives up horrible rebounds like a Leighton, does not hug the post like a Leighton, and gets beat on routine saves like a must be a Leighton.

It's up to Bryzgalov to continue to get better. We all know he's a better goalie than that. Blaming the defense is just a cop out. We're one of the best in terms of giving up limited shots per game.

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