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Originally Posted by thephillyflu View Post
I'm talking about the scoring touch to become a #1 center in a top10 team.

I don't think Couturier has that. Based on what is shown on the ice, PPG doesn't tell all that much about potential. You could see Giroux's scoring potential when he had the same PPG average as Couturier have now, the same as you could see that Steve Downie didn't have that potential 80+ points regularly scoring touch. And I can't see Couturier having that. I see him as becoming a player that puts up maybe 60 points a normal year (like maybe a little less than Mike Richards). Which is still of course good but we want a higher producing first center?

But only time will tell, and I'm pretty sure time will tell me right. I do not think Couturier will become a top15 scorer, but I think it's more than possible for Schenn. Just watch when they were on the same team for Canada about a year ago.
You are entitled to your opinion, but I don't understand how you miss Couturier demonstrating top-line scoring potential time and time again, in every game.

Never mind that he kills penalties like a 15 year veteran, even when they play him on the 4th line with Shelley and HarryZ/ZacR he generates pressure and scoring chances. When they put him with Talbot and Voracek, they dominate.

He is big, strong and skates well - and all those will improve has he fills out. He just turned 19 for heaven's sake. At his age, Giroux was still in JUNIOR.

Giroux is an early birthday who was drafted in spring 2006, played in the Q the next TWO years, then spent half a year with the Phantoms. Couturier is a late birthday who got drafted last spring and MADE THE NHL roster.

Three years from now there won't be a lot of D who can handle Couturier because of his:

1. patience with and ability to protect the puck on the cycle.
2. ability to see and set up his teammates and execute tough passes.
3. ability to score on top goalies by shooting it by them or picking corners
4. ability to generate off the rush and execute a 2on1 or 3on2.
5. off the charts hockey sense, composure and work ethic.

Heck, we haven't even seen guys like Giroux or Jagr skate down the wing and score by picking corners as much as Couts does it lately.

And I think Schenn is going to be just as good, in different ways. When Schenn dominating on Team Canada, he was a year older than Couturier, which makes a lot of difference in the U20s.

It's impossible to speculate how well Couts might've played had been been allowed to play in this year's tourney, but at least he made the team in his draft year, which Schenn didn't.

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