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01-05-2006, 07:12 AM
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..i feel more relief than joy over this win, way more.'s important on many levels, you of course want to snap a long losing streak, you didn't want to play detroit with a 5 game losing streak, you want to keep up your dominance of the bottom three teams in the division what with still having 13 more games against them...

some thoughts after digging thru the linescore and official scoresheet that a few people might not have noticed listening to the game from pete and terry;

..i love those two guys, but they're entertainment more than information to be honest most times,especially on radio only. i actually understand how someone not a pred fan could dislike them as announcers, however i wouldn't trade the two for anyone. their stories sometimes make it hard to follow the actual play on ice when only listening to the radio, but i love em on tv.
..the first blues goal, you never know what happened from radio, pete says turnover, then a few seconds later a goal. according to the linescore, hamhuis is the one that has a giveaway in our zone at 3:21, then johnson scores 5 seconds later on a backhand from 12 feet. trotz says this morning that mason had no shot on this one.
..then the first pred goal while everyone's still talking. faceoff at 3:26 which fiddler wins, we dump the puck in deep, STL gets it and wideman turns the puck over right in front of his own net at 3:43 straight to fiddler who scores at 3:44 on a 16 foot wrist shot... you have to assume fiddler forechecking intercepts a pass and hits the wrister, however pete talked about sanford being down on the ice, so it was probably a heck of a lot more complicated than that.
..then the next one happens while they're trying to figure out fiddler's...horrible that you give up a goal just seconds after you get one to tie. perreault wins the faceoff, but somehow STL gets the puck with no officail turnover and takeaway charged..evidently perreault wins the faceoff but pulls it deep into our own zone behind the net, they win the fight for the puck down low, and they make a centering pass back to cajanek out in the low slot and he hits a 24 foot wrister to make it 2-1. trotz also says that mason stood no chance, and i see vokoun mentions that mason was hung out to dry on both these earloy goals. we pull mason at the next stoppage, after giving vokoun time to get ready on the bench. this was obviously done as much to wake up the team as to bench mason. certainly surprised me, and obviously caused the team to refocus. i about half way expected mason to be back in net when the second period started, but was honestly glad to see vokoun, knowing how badly we needed the points.
..then we get the sullivan backhand goal, which was evidently a backhand wraparound and rebound backhand to tie, which of course was a huge goal..2-2
...then we start scoring on the pp finally again...fiddler comes out of the box straight into the powerplay, goes to the halfboard, gets the pass, looks for a pass, sees nothing so shoots and scores.. this was a funny play, because fiddler wouldn't have been out there probably if he hadn't been coming out of the box.3-2 preds
...then another, on the great pass from zidlicky to kariya on the next pp (i can see this play in my head as clearly as if i had been there)..4-2
...then the last STL goal. obviously what happens is they win the faceoff on their pp, they take a point shot from straight on in the slot, hamhuis standing in front of vokoun blocks the shot, and it deflects square to weight donw low and he backhands it behind vokoun who has come out to play the point shot.. the type of bad luck defelction a goalie has little chance on to be honest
...according to the linescore play by play....vokoun made 5 really good stops in this game, 1)against mcammond on a at 10:50 of the first on a wirster from 9 feet (this wa sone that pete went cray over), 2) against gamache on a wrister from 17 feet at 5:43 of the second, 3)against drake from 24 feet on a wrister at 15:23 of the second, 4)against a weight 22 foot backhander at 3:16 of the third, 5)against a cajanek backhander from 10 feet at 13:25 of the third
..zidlicky with two posts sounded snakebit
..according to the official linescore sanford made only two really good saves to rob predators of goals, a shot by tootoo in the first, and then one by erat late in the third
...preds won the faceoff battle pretty handily(36-26), but lost a couple of key ones in our own zone, like the one on their pp in the third that led straight to the pointshot that weight rebounded and let them cut the lead to one..smithson was the best faceoff guy winning 8 of 10
...worrisome that zidlicky didn't play any shifts after the 3 minute mark of the third period..they never mentioned anything and no mention in the paper this morning either

anyway, was great to hear our powerplay get going again (even if it was just STL), to hear us limit the amount of penalties we took (maybe no magoo figured in here), to hear sullivan and kariya both get back scoring (god we need that), and to hear fiddler pick up two (this kid has to see the tough decisions coming, glad to know he won't go quietly into the night)...

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