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Originally Posted by tigermask48 View Post
Been thinking about this and what are the odds that Columbus would take (not as the center piece of course) one of Jones or Zatkoff plus draft picks and maybe another prospect or roster player going their way? Hate to see Bernier go as then Quick can basically name his price and we'd be stuck paying it...
To me this is just a misconception. Bernier is insurance if Quick walks on us, but he doesn't have any impact on what Quick will make on a contract. That'd be like saying Doughty could ask for more if we traded Johnson. The market dictates a players price, not who is his backup.

Originally Posted by BigBrown View Post
Personally I think Cam Paddock was just waived in order for him to go to Europe. His performance in Manchester is probably not what the Kings/'Narchs would have hoped and he can get more money playing in Europe anyway. So they probably just agreed to terminate the contract and move on.

I could be wrong but I don't think the Kings are up against the contract limit so releasing Paddock wouldn't necessarily help in that area anyway.
Does anyone know how many contracts we have? I assume we have draft picks that also have to be signed by the June 1st deadline, as well as a few college kids we are eyeing up, so that could play into the Paddock release as well in terms of opening a contract spot.

Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
No one knows what the CAP is going to be so it's hard to say.

Carter has a low CAP hit (5.27M), and Penner, Stoll, and Mitchell will all be coming off the books. The Kings could probably afford another 7M contract even with Carter on the roster.

I would like to see Mitchell some how resigned if possible though.

I wonder how much money AEG is willing to spend.
We have $50.1 million commited to 19 players on our roster currently for next year, and still would need to replace Penner, Stoll and Mitchell, as well as likely one of Fraser and Hunter. Carter's $5.27 million would mean $55.4 in cap for 20 players, and still needing to replace Stoll, Mitchell and a 4th liner. Even if we replaced all three from within with the likes of Muzzin, Moller and Toffoli (just tossing names out there) that would be $2.7 million-ish, bringing our cap up to $58.1 million. And that's assuming we go low end and replace those spots from within with what will likely be inferior players (especially in the case of Mitchell).

Unless the cap goes up, that will leave us with $6.2 million in cap space, and you want to leave at least a small portion of this incase of injury. DL left $1 million this year, so that'd leave you $5.2 million cap space.

How do we fit in a seven million contract? And keep in mind if we got someone like Parise, he'd be on the books for likely 7 years or so. So his contract, as well as Carter, would be on the books when it comes time to extend Quick, Voynov and Loktionov, all of whom could get decent raises (Quick will for sure). Also keep in mind that with Stoll and Penner coming off the books, we don't really have a salary cap dump we can ship out as everyone is earning pretty well what they should be. The worst we'd have is Matt Greene.

The cap would have to go up a decent portion for a few seasons and we'd have to be looking almost solely at filling openings from within to fit in a $7 million contract.

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