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11-08-2003, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Goulet17
The likelihood of Burke playing 2-3 more seasons when he turns 37 in January is between slim and none IMO.

Besides, the Avs aren't going to have any use for him past this season, they wouldn't exercise the team option on him.

After this season, the Avs are going to go the youth route, likely giving the goaltending reigns to Sauve full time.

So as far as giving up alot in terms of a trade package, you could forget about it, because the Avs aren't going to give up an Alex Tanguay to have Sean Burke for 4 months. That is the height of stupidity.

If Barnett wants tThe fact is that if the Avs don't deal for Burke, I'm not sure what team will, if any. So let Barnett attempt to drive a hard bargain, because the likely result in my mind is the loss of Burke with nothing in return in the off season, and Barnett will be one step closer to the exit door in Phoenix for poor asset management.
there is no chance in hell that sauve is the starter in his second year, this whole avs going with youth thing is balony, the avs are going or the cup until guys like blake, sakic, foote etc. retire, get use to it, they aren't going anywhere. i predict sauve will end up like denis and abby before, developing somewhere else, while lacroix acquires a stud #1.

as for burke, he only has a year or two left and i for one don;t wantto give anything like a ballard for him, in my opinion its kolzig or biron, someone who will solidfy the avs goaltending for the next 5 years at least. then and only then do the avs give up a stud prospect like ballard etc.

i think burke is a great goalie and the avs could win the cup with him in net, however i don't want the avs to go through this again when burke retires within the next 2 years, i hope lacroix stays away from him unles the avs get him cheap or as a last minute option.

BTW CUJO looked like **** last nite and i am 100% sure detriot is stuck with him and will have to trade hasek or watch their team crumble to in danger of missing the playoffs, 1 thing is for sure this is st. louis return to the top of their division and posibly a rude awakening for wings fans!

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