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Archive of best threads (read these!)

Welcome to The Rink!

This thread is a list of the best threads in the history of The Rink. Lots of great advice, discussions, debates, and arguments! Most likely, if you’ve got a question, it’s been answered already, so check these links out first.

Feel free to bump them up to the top, ask questions, or add your own two cents.

Alternately, if you’ve got questions specific to you or think of something new, feel free to start a new thread!

Please note that buying, selling, or trading gear is prohibited on this forum.

The Hockey Newb Chronicles
How Did You Decide Left or Right Handed?
How Many Right Handed Players Shoot Left?
Tips for Beginners
Small, but Big Tips Thread
Beer League Mistakes and Tips


Advice for Forwards
Switching from Forward to Defense
Becoming a Goalie
Becoming a Good Goal Scorer

NEW! How to Take a Wrist Shot
Back Yard Ice Rinks
Is there a correct skating style?
Wrist Shot Advice
Help with My Wrist Shot
Slap Shot Help
Best Way to Better Stick Handling
Soft Hands Tips
Favorite Shootout / Breakaway Move

Skate Buying Guide
Beginner's Equipment Guide
Stick Selection Guide
NEW! Alternative Lacing Techniques
Links to Equipment Manufacturers and Online Retailers
Coupon / Discount Codes for Hockey Websites
Big Skate Advice Thread
How Do You Tape Your Stick?
Curve Pros & Cons
Playing with a Shorter Stick
Wood vs Composite Sticks
Visor vs. Cage vs. Nothing

Where Do You Play?
Where Does Your Kid Play?
How You / Your Team Did
Fighting in Beer Leagues
Beer League Frustrations Vent Thread
Pictures / Video of Yourself
Unwritten Rules of Beer Leagues
What Gear Will Get You Chirped At?
Co-Ed Locker Rooms

Diet & Exercise
Getting in Shape
Pre-Game Meal

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