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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
Firing one or both now really doesn't accomplish much except to satiate those screaming for heads to roll.
Agreed - although, given the tidal wave of negative feelings and ill will towards the team (players to coaches to management to ownership), some bloodletting even if for PR reasons wouldn't be all bad. A lot of the skepticism and doubts that many feel about the franchise would diminish if an act of radical change occurred.

Originally Posted by barcs View Post
I can't help but think that's not what's best for the franchise. Waiting for the sake of waiting gives the new regime, if there is one, less time to prepare for the upcoming draft/free agency period/season. I hope this is not a case of Terry just being curtious to his guys.
Originally Posted by Clock View Post
Do it in the offseason if you're going to do it, less hubbub and it arguably makes the "firing" a bit more dignified.
I agree with Clock's take - and think that Pegula is the type to want to let Regier / Ruff go out, if at all, saving some face under the generalized "we're going in a different direction" mantra teams often use when doing housecleaning at the GM / coaching level.

Originally Posted by thahamer View Post
Like stated on WGR this morning... I am a bit afraid that the team improves, but falls short of playoffs. They use that as a reason why they shouldn't be ousted.
It's a legitimate concern, even if it's based on the precedent we saw so often under Quinn where he'd set the mandate at the start of the season ("make the playoffs or changes will happen") only to retract and keep the status quo in place.

Originally Posted by ShaPow View Post
Don't worry about that. Regier would rather do nothing and get fired than make the wrong move.

Originally Posted by Jame View Post

fire darcy and lindy, hire dudley and carlyle, begin rebuild
I'm all for Dudley but I'm not so convinced that Carlyle is the right guy to take over.

Originally Posted by Jim Bob View Post

There aren't even any good #2 centers looking at this list.

Tuomo Ruutu and Jarret Stoll might be the two best UFA centers this year.
Ruutu is a winger that, like Hecht and Boyes, has been used on occasion at center. As a winger, I'd like him but there's no way I'd want the Sabres to make him the sequel to the Leino experiment.

Originally Posted by Havok89 View Post
What about keeping Regier in a scouting role? We've had real good success over the years with Darcy drafting.

Originally Posted by Buffaloed View Post
If that happens I don't expect Regier or Ruff to be fired, even if they miss the playoffs by a few points. Pegula will cite the injuries and they'll be back next season. I think they have to finish the season the same way they've played for most of it to get their walking papers.
I see where you're coming from but I'm not so sure Pegula would be able to accept a non-playoff season - not only would it be a step backwards rather than progress off last season's end but would make his boasts of confidence about the 3-year window for a Cup seem even more unrealistic, if not a little hypocritical. To say the Cup is the goal and then stand pat after a playoff absence wouldn't bolster his credibility.

Originally Posted by Jim Bob View Post
Dudley was a player that played tough and people want a tough team.
I loved Rob Ray's story on MSG not long ago during an intermission segment of "The Whip" when he told of one game in 1989 where the Sabres lost and Dudley and his assistant, John Tortorella, were heard smashing, kicking stuff and screaming profanities in the locker room about how the team played. Ray said they were more upset than the players were.

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