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Originally Posted by thephillyflu View Post
Yes well I can't base my opinion on more than I've seen and stats as a lending hand, but I still don't see him having the offensive potential to be a top 10 scoring center in this league.

If we compare who the top 10 scoring centers in this league is right now...

Henrik Sedin, Evgeni Malkin, Steve Stamkos, Nicklas Bäckström, Anze Kopitar(?), Getzlaf (? have to put a question mark for his current season but the last few years, sure), Datsyuk, Spezza, Claude Giroux and Sidney Crosby. For instance, you might add Brad Richards, Eric Staal, Joe Thornton, Zetterberg, Toews, Patrick Kane (if he counts as a center, been playing both) and a few more, it's hard to say who's the 10 best, how much you should just look at this current season and who you should look at because they've scored a lot of points several seasons in a row.

However you count, all top 10 scoring centers except Giroux and Kopitar (and I think they will, soon) has made 90+ points seasons, most of them multiple, a lot of them has made 100+ points seasons, some 120+.

I just don't think Couturier will produce that kind of offense, but I fully respect those who think he will, but I really don't understand why that's thought of as such an outrageous accusation, when it's just an opinion, and a pretty probable one at that. I'm not saying I think he'll become a bust or anything...
The odds of any prospect in the NHL becoming a top-10 scoring forward is highly unlikely.

Up until last year, nobody gave Giroux a fighting chance of becoming a top-10 scoring forward. He is now though.

The odds of Yakupov becoming a top-10 scoring forward is very unlikely.

I do not understand how you can say something so definitively like Couturier does not have the skills to be a number one center.

He led the Q in scoring at 16. He is putting up outstanding numbers on our fourth line playing with Rinaldo, Zolnercyk and Shelly. He clearly has skills. He has the most patience of any draft prospect I've seen in recent years. His vision is also incredible. And he is only going to get more amazing once he puts some weight on.

Eric Staal came into the league at 6'3 185, he is now 205 lbs.
Ryan Getzlaf came into the league at 205 lbs, he is now 221 lbs.
Jonathan Toews was drafted @ 195 soaking wet and is now 208 lbs.

Sean Couturier is currently 6'4 197. He is a rail. He can easily bulk up to 210-215 this offseason. And when he does, he will be even more dominant out there. He is already hard to handle in the corners and hard to get off the puck. Just wait until you see him next year.

And just as a side note, Couturier was selected to participate in the breakaway challenge for team Alfredsson at the all star game. He must have some pretty nifty moves and dekes to have earned that honor. It will be interesting to hear your opinion of his skill level and creativity after watching that.

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