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Originally Posted by Needles View Post
IIRC, Mäenpää was by far the worst defenseman in Moscow's tournament. Especially defensively. That's what he's been doing.
If we look at the team Finland had in Moscow as a whole, it's hard to put too much weight on one man's performance. Especially when he's 2nd in D-man points in all of KHL. Yeah, that's what he's been doing.

And I didn't say by any means that he's a lock, but with showing like that and the fact we're not exactly stacked on quality D-men ATM, he should definitely be in consideration. As are most of the rest of those "same names".

Originally Posted by Needles View Post
And I'm getting pretty sick hearing the same names year after year: Nummelin, Karalahti, Mäenpää etc. When Teemu Eronen will get his chance in national team? He's getting better every year and he plays in top pairing. What about Jokipakka? I'm surprised Mikko Kousa was selected to Moscow although he's only 23 years old. Sometimes I feel you have to be at least 27yo if you want to play for Jalonen.
Well, at least there's Vatanen. Would probably have been in last years' team if not injured and unless we get every NHL regular we have, will likely be in this year.

And how is Mäenpää one of that "same" bunch? He's a bubbling under player at best who managed to break one WC team on a year when most of the more viable candidates refused. This is actually the first year for him to be in equal contention for what he's done. Currently we have three puck-moving d-men who take preference over everyone else: Timonen, Pitkänen and Niskala (I haven't forgotten about Salo, but something tells me his NT days are over). Unless we have all of those available, it's down to likes of Mäenpää, Nummelin, Karalahti and such. Okay, perhaps Vatanen fits somewhere between these two groups.

What comes to Jokipakka, he has one good WJC under his belt but otherwise he's been pretty mediocre in men's games. Granted, the team he plays in is lousy as well so maybe he should be given a shot but it certainly is understandable if he isn't.

Despite these dissenting opinions, I still agree with you on fundamental level. We need some new, preferably young faces in contention soon. It IS pretty laughable that the current image of a major tournament rookie is a 35-year-old fellow like Välivaara making one exit stage left.

Still... unfortunately there just aren't that many, considering our junior system pretty much botched classes between '85 and '90. Hopefully that should get amended in the next five years. But right now, while we would all love to see some young meat in the mill, we just have to be realists right now. Viable candidates are far and a few between. I guess Eronen is one we can agree on.

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