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01-27-2012, 08:15 PM
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Had this one the other day for the first time:

Old Stock Ale from North Coast Brewin Co. (Fort Bragg, CA), known for Old Rasputin Russian imperial stout and several other big-hitting beers. This one is no different, clocking in at a heavy 11.9% ABV. The bottle I had was actually aged one year before opening it. The aroma coming off the glass hits your nostrils like an overhand right straight to the face. The first sip tastes like you are drinking a good scotch whiskey, then it mellows out a bit but retains its bite and warmth through the whole glass. The flavor is very malty with the right amount of bitterness and some dark fruit accents. True to its name, it brings to mind images of drinking heavily fortified beer in some old castle in the Scottish highlands or something along those lines. Old ales/stock ales are a style I don't have a ton of experience with but after tackling this bad boy I'm looking to try more of them.

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