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01-27-2012, 10:53 PM
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Well, the RS shins are pretty slim and lightweight, but still feel fairly protective. The elastic on the back is fairly stretchy, which is fine for most, but as somebody who likes strong straps rather than tape it's so so. The top strap that goes on the top of the calf isn't elastic at all, which helps with that, though a little annoying to put on/take off.

The interior padding is good, and feels nice against the leg. Never feels wet. There are silicone beads on there to keep it from shifting around, which seems to work alright.

They do still use the Easton Sling tec design, which keeps the front of the pad spaced fairly far away from the padding your leg is in contact with. I've used eastons for a few years now, and in my experience, that aspect keeps even their lower end pads pretty protective, at least in the shin. I definitely noticed a difference in knee protection going from cheap ones to nice ones, however.

My one complaint is that they don't have any of the front vents that the synergy line does, but I can only presume that's so they can use thinner plastic up front while maintaining structural integrity, keeping it light.

I've been happy with my pair, and would get another pair. But I was even happier with Easton's customer service, which sent them to me in exchange for the EQ50s I had bought but didn't work for me (the rear strap didn't fit around my leg- it's not elastic).

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