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01-28-2012, 12:28 AM
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About Yourself
Name: Jack
Age: 15 (little bit of a jump on the late starter's band wagon)
Location: South Jersey
Origin of Screen Name: My family refers to me as the Arrogant Night Owl

Hockey Background
Years Playing: Been watching Hockey seriously since 09-10, started skating around November of last year.
Current Team: N/A
Current League: N/A
Highest Level Played: Pond without skates
Current Level: N/A
Position: Probably a winger, would like to play D
Type of Player: 2-Way FWD
Player You Emulate: Clutterbuc

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer 2500
Shoulders: N/A
Elbows: N/A
Shins: N/A
Gloves: N/A
Skates: Flexlite 3.0s
Stick: Sher-wood 5030

Hobbies: Hockey
Movies: Slapshot, Swordfish
Music: Rise Against, Soundgarden, CCR, Nirvana, The Beatles
TV: Simpsons, Family Guy, NHL
Food: Salmon, Sauteed Shrimp
Drinks: Green Tea
Hockey Team: Flyers
Hockey Player: Ron Hextall

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