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About Yourself
Name: Richard
Age: 25
Location: England
Origin of Screen Name: It comes from my last name.

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 2
Current Team: RAF Eastern Crusade and HMPS Tornado (Starting this month)
Current League: N/A, Rec Hockey
Highest Level Played: Rec
Current Level: Rec
Position: Winger, I like playing D though
Type of Player: Grinder
Player You Emulate: Jannick Hansen

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer 4500
Shoulders: CCM something, can't remember!
Elbows: Reebok 6k
Shins: Some old Mission things, need changing
Gloves: CCM Vector something
Skates: Bauer Vapor X7.0
Stick: Salming MPRO, Warrior Bentley
(Haha I really know my gear!)

Hobbies: Hockey, Guitar
Movies: Slapshot, Star Wars Series, Most comedies
Music: Mostly singer/songwriter stuff i.e Elliott Smith
TV: Don't really watch much, only stuff like Two & a half men, Scrubs
Food: Chinese
Drinks: Coke, Mountain Dew
Hockey Team: Canucks in NHL, Peterborough Phantoms in England
Hockey Player: Pavel Bure

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