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About Yourself
Name: Josh
Age: 23
Location: Victoria, BC
Origin of Screen Name: comes from last name

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 14
Current Team: Iceholes
Current League: University intramural
Highest Level Played: Some Jr. B never really pursued it didn't have the time after high school with work and University.
Current Level: rec
Position: naturally RW but have played a lot of all positions including D for the past couple years. I was always moved around a lot because of my versatility.
Type of Player: smart (really relied on this. played my angels well and knew exactly where to be and where my teammates were too without looking), smooth skater, with a decent shot but have hands of stone.
Player You Emulate: Love Ryan Smyth always tried to play with a bit of grit in my game

Current Gear
Helmet: RBK 6K
Shoulders: Itech Techlite
Elbows: Koho (least favorite of all my gear they never stay on)
Shins: Bauer Vapor 10's (older, they are adjustable haha so comfortable but are very heavy compared to today's standards)
Gloves: Eagle Team Canada WC04 gloves
Skates: Bauer Vapor APX (newest of my gear love them my Graf 703 were very worn out and in comparison to the APX's they were about 3 times the weight)
Stick: Bauer Vapor XXX

Hobbies: Hockey, Golf, Skiing, Reading etc.
Movies: Bit of everything really depends on what I feel like at the moment
Music: Country, Alternative, Rock
TV: anything thats on
Food: Steak
Drinks: Coke, Pilsner Urquell
Hockey Team: Edmonton Oilers
Hockey Player: Historically Glen Anderson (is why I wore #9)
Currently: Jordan Eberle (was in Ottawa for the WJHC has surpassed my expectations every time I try to set some)

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