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About Yourself
Name: Jake
Age: 24
Location: San Francisco
Origin of Screen Name: Last Name

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 1.5
Current Team: Sofakings
Current League: D-Level Beer League
Highest Level Played: Same
Current Level: Same
Position: Was LW, moved to C
Type of Player: 2 way center
Player You Emulate: Pascal Dupuis? without the slapshot (aspiring to be Pavel Bure)

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer 4500
Shoulders: RBK 4k
Elbows: RBK 3k
Shins: CCM Vsomething
Gloves: Bauer Vapor 30s, thinking about replacing these
Skates: Graf 705
Stick: Warrior AK27/Dolomite

Hobbies: Hockey, Cars, Internet
Movies: Oddball movies, Primer, Danny Boyle flims, etc
Music: Mixed bag... Rammstein, Beck, Aphex Twin and so on
TV: None really
Food: Everything but squash
Hockey Team: Penguins
Hockey Player: Letang

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