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01-28-2012, 07:59 AM
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About Yourself
Name: Andre
Age: 20
Location: London / Oxford (UK)
Origin of Screen Name: My name

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 1 - 2
Current Team: Oxford Vikings (University Team)
Current League: British University Ice Hockey Division 2 (South)
Highest Level Played: This
Position: Wings
Type of Player: Beginner, im very small and my acceleration isnt bad
Player You Emulate: Don't know enough to know

Current Gear
Helmet: ccm v04
Shoulders:U+ 05 (bought a package deal)
Elbows:U+ 05
Shins:u+ 05
Gloves:ccm 4rolls
Skates:bauer flexlite
Stick: Mission soldier

Hobbies: Ice hockey! Then playing in university band
TV: Big Bang Theory
Food: Tuna

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