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Originally Posted by BK201 View Post
I'm glad I found this thread I suck at skating and have always been discouraged to go skating, I think now i'm going to go and try to get better
I started skating towards the end of november so it's been almost 2 months. I as going 2-3 times a week every week. Took about 4 times for my balance to get really good so that I could push off consistently I was also not using the right skate size at all. I got mky own skates and have been working them in for 4 weeks. Started adding lessons on top of what I currently do at free skate. In 2 months I've gotten skating forwards and turning down pat. Can;t skate backwards at all yet though I havent put much effort into learning it just yet. I have been tryin g to learn how to stop. Usually to stop I just take a really sharp turn but the last time I went I stopped correctly a bunch of times so I will hopefully have that down soon.

I agree with pushing yourself out of your comfort level though it doesn';t mean you ahve to push too far and fall every 2 seconds. For instance in the 2nd week I was just getting the hang of pushing off correctly but could only push off with my right foot so I forced myself to go right to left and I watched other peoples feet. Then in the third week I realized I could only push off 4 times ina row twice with each foot. I'd push left right left right and then stumble or stop and glide. So I forced myself to push 8-12 times in a row. I'd stumble alot and fell a small handful of times but by week 4 It felt like I had hit a new plateau and i dont think ive stumbled since. I also forced myself to get on the ice without holding the wall. Dunno why but that STILL causes me to wobble a little when I first get on the ice lol. Continueing to skate while turning was also difficult I'd always glide in my turn so I forced myself to turn slightly skate forward while decreasing my turn angle and then finish my turn. I'm pretty close to just doing crossovers now without ever really practicing them because I got the hang of skating and turning simultaneously. You have no pressure at free skates so there's no real rush to kill yourself learning how to balance your body though im sure there ARE better drills you may not have access to them or instructors (I didnt)

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