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About Yourself
Name: Shawn
Age: 16
Location: Ontario
Origin of Screen Name: Thought it looked bad ass when I was like 12, still do I guess

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 8 or so
Current Team: Orono Leafs
Current League: House
Highest Level Played: AAA
Current Level: C
Position: Depends on who shows up to games, typically C but I can play any forward postion and I prefer LW
Type of Player:playmaker with tons of patience
Player You Emulate: Pavel Dastyuk

Current Gear
Helmet: Reebok 7K
Shoulders: CCM fit 07
Elbows: Easton S13 or something
Shins: Winwell XT
Gloves: Easton S19 TPS response R8
Skates: Bauer supreme 100
Stick: Easton 65S Easton S5 Bauer XXX lite

Hobbies: Guitar Dirtbiking Snowmobiling Video games(I love MAG, if you have a PS3 pick that game up it's incredible.)
Movies: stepbrothers
Music: senses fail, volbeat, MGMT, blink-182, GOB
TV: How I met your mother
Food: These noodle things my mom makes....omfg to do for.
Drinks: Iced tea
Hockey Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Hockey Player: Phanuef, Kessel, Duchene, Cammalari or I really like that Matt Frattin

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