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Why the heck not...

Name: Ozz
Age: 30
Location: Hockeytown area (originally New England)
Origin of Screen Name: see Avatar

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 21-22
Current Team: Ice Holes (despite playing inline - haha)
Current League: House
Highest Level Played: travel NIHA / roller in the '90s
Current Level: we play house, and are in the tier right below the top. We keep getting moved up, so we may be forced there eventually. Who knows!
Position: C / LW / RW - I prefer LW because I shoot RH and prefer the off-wing shot.
Type of Player: The one no one messes with, but unlike most of those I can also change or carry a game. Wrist shot like a bomb, fast enough to catch most anyone on a back-check, vision good enough to see things average defenders aren't expecting, very hard to move or deter in front of the net (and can move anyone in front of mine easily), tough to keep off the score sheet, good shutdown center and usually stick the high-scoring opposition to keep them quiet.
Player You Emulate: I just do my thing and what the team needs; you tell me.

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer 5500
Shoulders: we play inline, so nothin'
Elbows: RBK 2K, good enough. It sucks finding something that fits nicely onto these arms.
Shins: RBK 10K
Gloves: Bauer Supreme One80 and Vapor Pro XXXX currently
Skates: RBK 6K Pumps
Stick: My trusty Easton aluminum that is over 20 years old. Lidstrom curve, which is what I used mostly since way back then as well.

Hobbies: Bodybuilding, cars, hockey
Movies: Have a ton, but we'll say Willy Wonka
Music: Though I'm a die-hard Ozzy fan, my favorite music is death metal, thrash metal, speed metal, melodic metal, etc.
TV: I can watch any stupid sitcom over and over and over and over. Breaking Bad is my favorite current show though.
Food: Depends on the day. I eat very strictly and as such the cravings come and go for different things on different days. I've been known to eat 5 plates of Chinese buffet, often eat a 14" pizza for a pre-game meal (topped off w/a light snack 2 hours prior), etc. I can eat, man.
Drink: Water. Drink at least a gallon a day. Aside from that, I love root beer.
Hockey Team: Penguins since I got into hockey long ago.
Hockey Player: Sid and Geno. From the old days, Mario and Bure.

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