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01-28-2012, 10:45 AM
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About Yourself
Name: Griffin
Age: 20
Location: alberta
Origin of Screen Name: name lol

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 15-17 years
Current Team: coaldale copperheads
Current League: heritage junior hockey
Highest Level Played: college
Current Level: junior b
Position: lewt wing
Type of Player: 4th liner grinder energy
Player You Emulate: shawn thorton... grinds it out.. gives team some energy.. leader in and off the ice

Current Gear
Helmet: ccm v8 team issue
Shoulders: mission fuel
Elbows: some crappy ones
Shins: mission fuel
Gloves: ccm u+12 team issue
Skates: vapor x:60
Stick: easton sts

Hobbies: hockey, hanging with the boys
Movies: miracle, any comedy
Music: little techno before the game, country
TV: sportscentre, whatever
Food: meatballs and rice, chicken
Drinks: spiced morgans and coke, or a glass of milk
Hockey Team: canucks/Sabres
Hockey Player:myself jk, giroux

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