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01-28-2012, 11:02 AM
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LU has a big problem on their hands. They can't score goals after christmas! this is what killed LU last year and resulted in their worst playoffs in history. I think the scherban experiment needs to come to an end. He really should never have been handed the head coaching job. Assistant sure. But he really has no experience. If your team is in a battle for first place. Playing 2 games at home.... and does not score a single goal, there is a problem. Discipline is a huge problem. These guys take un-sportsmen like conduct penalties once a period! that's unheard of outside of teenage hockey. They clearly have no respect for the coach and teammates when they take these selfish penalties. They have great players on this team. And scherban or whoever within the organization has done well recruiting. But failing to put this together will be their undoing. Tonight is a huge game. They need to get 2 points and western get none. Now in saying all this, last weekend I think Lakehead could have easily won both games. Friday nights game was a joke with the two ref system. Saturday night was a great game and lakehead looked like the better team. One PP goal on an odd play was the difference for western. Had the games turned out as it appeared and they won would I be on scherban? maybe, maybe not.... I have always questions the things he does during games. Sometimes I am wrong and being a coach from the sidelines is always pretty easy. There is no accountability for me! In saying that I think the PP needs to be much better. Shoot the puck. Very easy message. And discipline is a huge problem. Caria is a superstar who is underachieving this year. He is a great player and great play maker. I think he could put many more pucks in the net and needs to shoot the puck! the guys has a great shot! Gamache had a hot start to the year, but when LU plays the top teams his offense evaporates. He is a very good checker and this should be his role. He had many opportunities to take shots on net last weekend and missed high over and over. since I am on a role I will show how I feel the lines should be keeping in mind I am bored and tierd of watching ****** hockey!

Frazee Caria McDonald
Grondin Hammond Sergerie
Gamache Wilkins Carrick
Grecica Menard Welsh

I would even eliminate the 4th line center and double up with wilkins and caria. Moving menard to the wing and keeping welsh on the bench.

On D...

fillman Quesnele
de la Lande Sagert
Malouin Maunu
Maw McIntosh

Maw is a good tough shut down guy. I like this kid and I think we will be good in the next couple years. The defence is interchangeable. Obviously Fillman and Quesnele will play close to half the game then the next two pairs take the rest of the TOI

I would like to hear thoughts/ideas from anyone else familiar with the LU team and the OUA west in general. I dont think I am way off base here. This team looks like its going to grossly underachieve again this year.

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