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01-28-2012, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Commandant View Post
Cunneyworth isn't winning, so he has to go.

In fact I felt that Martin was squeezing pts out of a roster that was thin on talent, and I wouldn't have fired him to begin with and said as much. However thats neither here nor there, as he won't be coming back. I wanted to keep him because I felt he was a good coach, but it had nothing to do with being bilingual.

But the next coach should be hired on the criteria of being the best damn coach for the team. Not because he's bilingual. If he's bilingual its a bonus, but what really matters is winning, so I want a coach who is the best man to do that.
and how do you measure that ? I mean, besides the Trotz and Babcock... how do you "measure" best coach ?

winning ? meh, most who have been in the league for long had a bad team at some point, and it usually brings their % to the same level (or close) as the "bad coaches".

a style that fits players better ? meh again, Connie has the Habs play a way that SEEMS to fits the players better... problem is, they lose even more (same roster as his predecessor, minus ONE player)...

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