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01-28-2012, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
I hated the Gomez trade when it happened and was a Habs fan calling for Gainey's head at the time. After watching Gomez' 1st season and playoff run with our team, though, I had to admit that the trade and other moves had worked. With the players we brought in, we went to the Eastern Conference Finals. We gave away some futures, took on a heavy cap hit, but went to the Eastern Conference Finals. One series away from a Stanley Cup series. That is what those types of trades are designed for. Give up some futures and get the veteran presence you need to make a long playoff push. We will see those exact type of deals every single year. Yes, Halak played lights out goaltending, but Gomez was an important part of the ECF run, as were all of the free agents we signed that summer. The next year's playoff challenge of the eventual Cup winning Bruins was also a success. No, we didn't go deep, no we didn't win a Cup, but we had the most exciting and intense playoff series of the year with the Bruins that had every Habs fan on the edge of his/her seat cheering, screaming, and experiencing great highs and lows throughout.

If success is measured in Cups alone, then there are no winners in the Gomez trade since neither the Habs nor the Rangers have won a Cup since the trade. If success is measured in a team being able to compete for a chance at the Cup, the Habs have won the deal since they went to two playoffs and almost made it to the Cup series and the Rangers have not yet made it to the playoffs since the trade. If success is measured in terms of a team getting rid of a bad contract and stocking up on potentially strong players for the future, then the Rangers won because they got McDonaugh (a potentially great d-man for the next 15 years) and dumped a huge contract.

So, it depends upon how you define success. I loved the ups and downs, highs and lows of the last 2 playoff seasons. As far as I am concerned, the playoffs are the goal, with the Cup being the ultimate Holy Grail. I want my team to be able to compete for the Cup each year far more than I want my team to be able to compete for the best lottery pick each year. Once a team makes the playoffs, anything can happen.

Based on that line of thinking, the Habs won the trade. Call it rose coloured glasses, homerism, or simply being a realist, I don't care. Give me my memories of that ECF run over the Oilers getting the chance to draft Taylor Hall any day (no disrespect to Oiler fans, just illustrating how I feel about competing for a Cup vs a lottery pick).
You are not a realist, rather, you are deflecting what happened to support your argument. Our playoff run was nothing more than a fluke, shouldered on the back of a goaltender playing out of his mind. People forget we had our worst season since the lockout after that overhaul, while our former center and captain managed a better production than his unfortunate replacement.

Gomez did not give us an ECF appearance, Halak did, which could very well have happened with Koivu, Kovalev and etc. In fact, those two and Tanguay were fantastic when Carbo finally had the good sense to put them together. We could have kept them all, while signing Cammalleri and Gionta but opted to make arguably one of the worst trades in organization history.

There is no defending this trade. Montreal was fleeced to the point it the league could have considered investigating for gross incompetence. Now that McDonagh has developed into precisely what the Habs are in desperate need of, it makes this even worse.

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