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01-05-2006, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by RUS
Where did I say that I want Jagr to get injured? I was not talking about getting Jagr injured. Jagr is a main weapon of NYR and getting him of his game is Flyers #1 priority with injuries to our defenseman. Taking a shot at him (which is not very easy) is what Flyers must do every chance they get,
I am also convinced and JR#9 you know this better then anyone that NYR are basically one man team (of course your disagreed). Yes, some guys do contribute but if Jagr is off his game they are easy to play against.
P.S Flyers were without Forsberg for 6 games we won some and we lost some. Of course, we are better team with him then with out him.
I as almost all NYR fans will never deny that the NYR's rely far top heavily upon Jagr so i'm not sure where I disagreed with that stance ever.

On top of that RUS, you've been over to our site many times this year after the NYR's strong start just to make sure we knew that our hot start is a fluke and that they have no chance of success against the mightly Flyers all while ignoring the fact that of all the boards the one that is amoung the most realistic as far as team expectations amoung it's regular posters is the NYR board and that not many there were/are blind to the obvious holes and shortcomings of our team at this point because we are in the 1st year of a true rebuild where it's going to left to the kids going forward for longterm success and whatever we win along the way is just gravy and helps the development of the youngsters as to what it takes to win in the NHL.

The combo of Montoya-Lundquist is the best young 1-2 punch in nets in the game and we have some really deep orginizational talent only lacking some ture top line guys who with all the cap room we have will be easy to acquire via UFA when the time is right to take the next step.

So to sum it up RUS, yes, we NYR fans acknowledge that at this time the Flyers are certainly a better and much deeper team but again they are at a different point then we are as an orginization and are in a win now mode while Forsberg is there but they also are not without shortcomings so good luck tonight and it should be really fun meeting up 7 times over the rest of the season.

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