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Originally Posted by WeeBey View Post
Good god, what don't you understand?

No one is saying that a French coach can't be good. Why do you keep bringing up Julien and Vigneault? They have NOTHING to do with the topic at hand.

Gauthier has publicly come out and said that the next coach WILL be bilingual. By making bilingualism an priority, you're LIMITING your options, and therefore, may not get the best candidate for the job. This is not an opinion, this is a FACT. It's simple logic.

Since my Babcock point pretty much flew over your head, I'll go with a more realistic situation. If the Sabres keep up their free fall, there's a chance that after 10+ years Lindy Ruff will be let go. He's proven that he is a very good coach. Unfortunately, he won't even get a call from Habs management this summer since he doesn't speak French, something that is completely irrelevant to his ability to coach an NHL team.

By PUBLICLY stating that the next coach will be bilingual, he's saying that the teams first priority is being French. Winning is second. How do you think that will that affect a UFAs decision to come here.
only in your mind.

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