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01-28-2012, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
My Andre Markov conversations have less to do with how he'll play than how this entire drama has been handled by the organization. I've mentioned this elsewhere, I'll mention it again here: I can't stand Gauthier's secrecy fetish. His penchant for withholding information reads like a bad KGB novel. A player's injured? Shhhh... don't say anything in case other teams find out why and the terrorists win! Thinking of a trade? Shhhh... don't tell the other GMs in case they confuse things with a better offer! The fans clamoring for updates? Shhhh... don't say anything and hope they forget all about it!

This is not a strategy. It's a weakness. It does nothing to help the team, nor does it improve the PR. All it does is show continued contempt for us, the fans. Pīss us off long enough and we may still watch, but we'll stop buying tickets and merchandise. It's happened before, it will happen again.
he is a very sneaky person, but I don't blame him to stay silent about markov's recovery, or non -recovery. THEY DON'T KNOW !

What,s the point of giving a health report every second-day. ?

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