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01-28-2012, 03:53 PM
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Got bad news and good news. Good news is that I've heard from customer support that drag-n-drop lineup changes are going to be ready within the next couple days. I sent in a suggestion that they should change it to a drag-n-drop format similar to Yahoo and this is, verbatim, what they sent me back:

Your timing is almost impeccable - drag & drop lineup changes should be ready within the next couple of days.
So yay for that. I know a lot of us didn't like how rudimentary the lineup changing system was.

The bad news is that I found out that there's no separate option to keep all minor league players. Minor league players are kept the same way any other player is kept meaning that you would have to select them as one of your keepers. This is very problematic for me. I'm thinking I'll just record everyone's minor league players in this topic and put all the players back on everyone's teams manually at the end of the season.

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