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About Yourself
Name: Beth
Age: not quite old enough to be considered a "cougar"
Location: Castle Ice in Renton, WA if I'm in my happy place
Origin of Screen Name: It's just Beth

Hockey Background
Years Playing: Little over a year, so not long enough
Current Team: PUCK YEAH!
Current League: Seattle Women's Hockey Club
Highest Level Played: Rec
Current Level: This is it!
Position: Anything but goalie
Type of Player: The player who knows what they're supposed to do but eff's up when they try to do it? That's me.
Player You Emulate: They're all inspiring.

Current Gear
Helmet: Reebok 6K in medium
Shoulders: Bauer women's One35 in medium with the giant shoulder caps replaced with smaller Easton S4 caps.
Elbows: CCM Fit05 senior small
Shins: CCM Fit05 14"
Gloves: Bauer One 55 13"
Skates: Easton SE6 in 4E
Stick: Bauer Vapor XII intermediate left p92
Pants: (you forgot pants!) Bauer Women's One75 in Medium

Hobbies: Besides hockey? Anything crafty.
TV: True Blood, Damages, Dexter are the series I'm watching right now.
Food: Pub grub is my favorite
Drinks: Whatever the beer is after the game, of course!
Hockey Team: Canucks/Sharks
Hockey Player: Bieksa because that guy is a hottie.

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