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About Yourself
Age: 44
Location: Vancouver Island
Origin of Screen Name: I'm a goalie, #29

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 5
Current Team: House league and women's rec
Current League:
Highest Level Played: Rec
Current Level: Rec
Position: Goal mostly, but I skate when needed.
Type of Player: Mediocre but learning all the time...
Player You Emulate: Anyone who's good, including women I play with, guys I play with, and NHLers I watch.

Current Gear
Hackva helmet, Vaughn Epic c/a, Reebok 9k pants, old Itech pads, Bauer VaporXXX skates

Hobbies: Hockey year round, tennis, cycling
Movies: Too many to mention - I love movies
Music: Old school punk, Celtic rock,
TV: Firefly, Community, Big Bang Theory
Food: Thai
Drinks: Caffeinated
Hockey Team: Winnipeg Jets
Hockey Player: Martin Brodeur, Henrik Lundqvist

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