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About Yourself
Age: 39
Location: joliet,IL
Origin of Screen Name: I'm a rink rat

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 30+
Current Team: A firefighter team
Current League: mens B
Highest Level Played: high school
Current Level:
Position: D
Type of Player: SAH D try to play smart
Player You Emulate:

Current Gear
Helmet: bauer 4500
Shoulders: none
Elbows: jofa 9144
Shins: jofa
Gloves: bauer 4 roll pro
Skates:graf 703 with bauer LS2 tuuk
Stick: totalone 87 flex p88,p106,

Hobbies: hockey, golf, weight training
Movies: slap shot, caddy shack
Music: pearl jam, rage against the machine
TV: anything sports, cooking, or history. love all those goldrush, crab fishing and etc disovery channel shows
Food: love it all, thats why I have to work out so hard
Drinks: beer (cold will do) and whiskey
Hockey Team: Blackhawks
Hockey Player:my 14 y/o daughter (AAA girls player) just glad to get to see her enjoy the game as much as I did/do. and no I'm not one of those parents. its her career.

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