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01-28-2012, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
I'd say you're frightened of your own shadow. Name one GM or potential UFA on another team who follows him on TV, much less pays attention to him.
his biggest influence is on the fans who listen to him and lap up his drivel. It's been said that we overestimate the effect us fans have on the team. I disagree. I'd like to think we have as many awesome fans, if not more than any other team. We also have fans beyond that number who are total idiots, you might as well throw them in with Tim Thomas and his fanatical views. They would probably like to have lunch with the reporter equivalent of Glenn Beck and they're a huge smear on the fanbase. They'd rather boo, they're rather hate, they are negative and they like it. This is different than being dissatisfied with the team. I understand that even though I share a different view. It's ok to want the team to be better, but there are those who just love to hate and Gagnon fuels their fires.

Even if it doesn't affect the team, the environment around the team, the atmosphere of the Bell Centre, public dissent for the team (all of which I think it does), it makes being a fan of the team suck. And where do I get the idea that I am a true fan? I just do, by definition. So, at the very least, they bother me, so...screw gagnon.

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