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01-28-2012, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
You guys don't want to hear him, don't listen. He comes in on radio, change stations. He's on L'Antichambre? Don't watch.

Some of you guys are obsessed by the media. Why? You guys are jealous of their jobs? Probably. Because I just can't figure out why you would be so pissed at reporters.

You don't like the guy? Fine. That's your right in a democracy. But to call for anything more is about as mature as a 10 year old kid. He's entitled to his opinion (because Gagnon is more of a columnist than a reporter anyways). So are you. Case closed.

This forum has become obsessed by the media, it's beyond funny. What's even funnier is that this forum IS a media. So maybe we should all boycott the mediaS and start reading paper books again. And go back to the oil lamps. And ride horse carriages. And dress up like Menonites.
As an analogy, tell democrats that they are too obsessed with what a destructive element of their society Fox is.

He's entitled to his opinion, as in free speach, but it has ramifications. It's good if you're impartial to hearing tirades about PK and how Price sucks and how useless AK is and how shiite the Habs are non-stop, but if that stuff gets to you, then there's a reason to get annoyed at these media types. The difference between my opinion and his is that I'm very sure there are a handful of people reading this post and quite the opposite for that yellow-toothed weasel. Case open.

Btw, I'm not arguing to boycott him, not really sure that would work in any way, just saying I'd LOVE for him to be passing me by on the street so that I might accidentally stick my leg out on those icy Montreal streets. Same with Cherry, same with Edwards, Milbury, etc. I'm weak, I just don't like the irrational diatribes against the team I live and die by.

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