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About Yourself
Name: Mike
Age: 15
Location: New York
Origin of Screen Name: Rangers!

Hockey Background
Years Playing: My first season, but been skating for four years
Current Team: Smithtown Bulls
Current League: JV High School
Highest Level Played: JV
Current Level: JV
Position: Center/Left Wing. If theres another player willing to play center I move over
Type of Player: Defensive with some good skills on offense when I jump in.
Player You Emulate: I try to go for Carl Hagelin, got good speed.

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer 9500
Shoulders: Bauer One40
Elbows: Easton
Shins: Bauer X:30
Gloves: Bauer 4 roll
Skates: Bauer X:30 (cant get rid of them, love them)
Stick: Bauer One100 Kane Curve, X:40 Backstrom Curve, might get an APX soon.

Hockey Team: Rangers
Hockey Player: David Backes, Pavel Datsyuk, Carl Hagelin, Ryan Callahan (I pretty much dive in front of anything which after the fact I think I'm crazy for)

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